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Welding In The Drivers Side Torque Box Page Two

welding picture 24 After welding and grinding seam sealer was applied to all seams welding picture 25 Every where there was a joint, more seam sealer
welding picture 26 Even underneath welding picture 27 The new torque box was sand blasted and primed with weld through primer before installation inside and out.
welding picture 30 Everything was sealed That was moved or blasted. welding picture 33 Including the seam on the passenger side where the small repair was done.
welding picture 34 While it was all apart, I figured I would add in the Total Control Sub Frame Connectors. welding picture 35 And of course Shelby under ride traction bars, which by the way will not fit as they are supplied, you must either cutout the center of the mounting plate and use longer U bolts or as I did cut the tabs off the original mounting plate.
welding picture 36 Set the bars up underneath and tack weld them to the original spring plates. welding picture 37 And remove everything so it can welded properly, in my opinion this is the only way to go.
welding picture 38 The front mount for the traction bar was tack welded to the rear of the sub frame connectors in the correct position under the car, then removed forproper welding. welding picture 39 Everything was then reassembled back under the car, (a perfect fit Mark might add).
welding picture 40 An then the sub frame connectors were welded in in the back first. welding picture 41 And then the front, after measurements were taken to make sure everything was straight.
welding picture 42 A nice clean setup done this way. welding picture 43 After everything was welded and cleaned up, it was sprayed with zero rust and then undercoated.
welding picture 44 Before the interior was put back, everything was wirebrushed, then cleaned and given 2 coats of POR 15, I intend to finish the project this spring by sandblasting the undercarriage and spraying with Zero Rust or POR 15.

This project took 5 weekends from start to finish, a little longer than expected, I am glad I did not try to tackle it myself as the welding was much to tricky for a novice welder. Replacing the torque box was a must, however the greatest addition were the under ride traction bars connected right to the sub frame connectors. The car rides a little stiffer, however clutch chatter has been greatly reduced as the rearend can not wiggle around anymore and wheel hop is out of the question. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.