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Welding In The Drivers Side Torque Box

After I purchased my 65 Fastback I discovered as you will see below that the drivers side torque box was in need of attention. I did the best I could to take pictures of this endevor. I did not do the welding my self as I am not qualified to weld something this intricate. The welding was done by Mark Ellis of Amherst NH, I asked everywhere I went for a welder and at 4 different repair shops they all recommended Mark. If you are in this area and would like his contact information please send me an email and I will forward his information to you.

welding picture 1A picture before the start There was not much holding the front of the leaf spring. welding picture 3A closer look at the trouble
welding picture 4Before anything could happen, measurements were taken. welding picture 5And more measurements.
welding picture 6Then the cutting began. welding picture 7Due to it's shape, it was easier to cut it out in several pieces.
welding picture 8Most of the cutting was done with a sawsall. welding picture 9The floor is out, now to the frame
welding picture 10A view of the preperation so nothing would happen to the interior during cutting, sandblasting and welding. welding picture 11I didn't realize how much of the floor in the back was the troque box.
welding picture 12A view from underneath with the frame cut, this piece was reshaped so the new frame would slide over it about 3/4", it was drilled and plug welded also welding picture13Grinding done to the side to make sure the weld would be strong
welding picture 14A view after grinding and then priming before welding. welding picture 15The frame rail from the side before grinding and reshaping.
welding picture 16Frame rail after welding, but no grinding done yet. welding picture 17And from the other side.
welding picture 18After welding, before grinding. welding picture 19After grinding
welding picture 20A small spot was found on the passenger side which was cut out and butt welded in. welding picture 21After welding and grinding.
welding picture 22Inside seam was sand blasted. welding picture 23An then sealed.

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