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Replacing the Drivers Side Torque Box in the 65 Fastback

Pictures of my Mustang

These are pictures of my Mustang, a 65 Fastback that came from Utah, it is impossible to find even a semi rust free one up here in New Hampshire.

The 65 Fastback
"Cat's Cradle"

65 Fastback Front The new Fastback. Rear 65 Fastback This view is the reason I fell in love with this car when I was 16.
65 Passenger Rear I had to replace front and rear springs to get the correct "attitude" Passenger Front The fog lights had to go to, it was just too much chrome for me.
Passenger Side It still has the original wire wheel hubcaps. Cold Morning It was 31 when I got up this morning and took these pictures, winter is comming...bummer!